Komyo ReikiDo

Komyo ReikiDo is a keep-it-simple hands-on healing system whose Practice motto is "place your hands... surrender and smile".

The mission of Komyo ReikiDo is to live a happy, healthy and peaceful life through the daily practice of Reiki Ryoho. As an attuned practitioner, I will practice Reiki Ryoho daily, meditate on finding true inner peace and send love into the ether for all living beings. By living in this way, I do my best to cultivate and uplift my spirituality and improve my mind and body along the way. Therefore, when I stand in as a conduit for Reiki, I am the clearest channel I can be, and I don't need tricky techniques, rituals nor crystals to facilitate the healing. Reiki is all I need.

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Reiki Ryoho and Distant Healing

It is very possible to send healing to a person who is not in your physical presence. They may be in the next room, the next street, in another part of the state, or on the other side of the world. Listen to the founder of Komyo ReikiDo, Inamoto Hyakuten Sensei talk about this wonderful possibility. And yes, it really does work!

Courtesy of KomyoReikiDo Ukraine and Viktoria Romanova